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Tiffany Wu is a graphic design-based with a multidisciplinary approach, specialized in branding and art direction. She holds an MS Packaging Design from Pratt Institute in New York. With her graphic design background over the years, she expends her curiosity to 3D world. Always enjoy creating the world between 2D to 3D, digital to physical. Currently working at Lab at Rockwell Group as visual designer, merging graphic design with story, architecture, and technology to create an immersive experience in physical/digital space.

2017年畢業於Pratt Insititute 包裝設計研究所。

現在工作於紐約建築公司Rockwell Group內部一個融合故事、建築、與科技的體驗設計團隊當視覺設計師,案子橫跨世界各地的商業、展覽、藝術、教育、醫療等各領域。

Based in New York
Available in English  / 中文

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Graphic Design / Branding
Art Direction
Logo Design
Editorial Design
Product Design / 3D Modeling
Website Design

Experience Design
3D Digital Arts 
UIUX Design
Environmental Design

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O l O featured in Behance AIGA, Graphic Design, and Illustrator

Logofolio featured in Behance AIGA, Graphic Design

Art Bloom featured in Behance AIGA, InDesign

Summit Cafe featued in Behance AIGA, Illustrator

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