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Climate Pledge Arena Flip-Disc Display

At Seattle’s newly-renovated Climate Pledge Arena, you can now feel the game-day energy rushing across the walls. We’ve partnered with NHL’s Seattle Kraken, Sport Five, and Pitchbook Data to create two 35 ft flip-disc displays that highlight every stadium event & game-day moment with striking animations that ignite across the walls. The interactive installations react to your presence as you pass by, inviting you to reshape the visual displays and hear the surge of 98,000 discs reshuffling as you head towards the stadium action.

Located at the southwest & east corners of the CPA’s suite level, each interactive wall is paired with multi-camera array and depth sensory technology to track guests’ gestures and movements as they progress towards the stadium. Both screens feature ambient modes that evolve into choreographed spectacles synced to live stadium events, highlighting every game-day moment & update.

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︎︎︎Pitchbook wall at Climate Pledge Arena

Design     Lab at Rockwell Group
Role     Visual Designer
Scope of Work     Content Strategy, Motion Graphics, Exhibition
Client     Climate Pledge Arena

Partner     Seattle Kraken, Sport Five, Pitchbook
Location     Seattle, WA

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Prototype & Template

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