Tiffany M. Wu

Tiffany is a multidisciplinary visual designer specialized in Branding, Packaging, Motion Graphics, and 3D Arts. Always enjoy creating the world between 2D&3D, digital & physical.

Based in New York
Available in English/中文
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Tiffany M. Wu

Hugh Dessert Dining 

Hugh Dessert Dining located in Taipei, Taiwan. Serving the petit four, small bite-sized french dessert, and the cake for online ordering. The restaurant opens on the weekend for reservation-only.

Focus/ Branding, Packaging Design
Location/ Taipei, Taiwan
Interior Design/ Hii Architects
Photographer/  Tzuyin Chiu, Yuchen Chao Photography

Hugh Dessert Dining 餐廳位於台北市大同區的平凡巷弄,前身為公寓內的甜點私廚 Hugh Lab。

起源自古老的德國,有著靈魂、精神、智力的含義,同時也取名自主廚中文名字裡的最後一字 - 修。圖騰中理性與感性的線條,象徵舌尖上柔和的甜感及層層堆疊的解構主義。