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Hugh Dessert Dining

Huge Dessert Dining is the pioneer of dessert restaurants in Taiwan. This restaurant started a groundbreaking concept in the city; a one-of-a-kind experience of bringing fine-dining quality desserts from the last course to the main show. The founders, Kent Y, and Chef Victor C., want to share the idea that desserts can be served before savories as the main dish. They present the dessert à l’assiette, which translates to 'the dessert on a plate', as art. They offer four-course meals with drinks as a dining journey.

Chef Victor previously worked as a pastry chef in RAW, a Michelin-starred fine-dining restaurant founded by chef Andre Chiang. The menu includes starters, appetizers, entrees, and beverages with small bite-sized desserts. It follows the four seasons with seasonal ingredients. In addition, they provide limited dine-in and takeout orders, offering boxes of the petit four: small bite-sized french desserts, as well as whole cakes.
Hugh Dessert Dining 位於台北市大同區的平凡巷弄,前身為公寓內的甜點私廚 Hugh Lab。以偏重工作室性質與私廚型態的實驗性甜點空間開始,走過四季時序後, Hugh Lab 正式告一段落,更名為Hugh Dessert Dining。起源自古老的德國,有著靈魂、精神、智力的含義,同時也取名自主廚中文名字裡的最後一字 - 修。圖騰中理性與感性的線條,象徵舌尖上柔和的甜感及層層堆疊的解構主義。


Branding, Packaging Design

Hugh Dessert Dining

Food & Beverage

Taipei, Taiwan

Interior Design     
Hii Architects

Tzuyin Chiu, Yuchen Chao Photography

Dessert as Art

To reflect this innovative and modern experience,
I developed a brand identity, assets, and packaging
design for Hugh. The identity system showcases the
combination of specialty and profession, highlighting
the fine-dining quality and artistic desserts.

The identity blends the shape of H and the
marble pattern, which is often seen on french
desserts. The graphic also represents the reeded
glass for the facade of the restaurant.

The New Poem

The menu in Mandarin is designed to be read vertically, the same as the reading direction of Chinese New Poetry. To elevate the design and stand out from other restaurants, I challenged a new style with a poetic aesthetic and only wrote the ingredients, without the name of the meal, to present the essence of the concept.

The postcard comes with the package
in the box of six bite-sized desserts for
customers to take out. The icon symbolizes
the desserts and ingredients.

Art Direction for Seasonal Menu

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