Tiffany M. Wu

Tiffany is a multidisciplinary visual designer specialized in Branding, Packaging, Motion Graphics, and 3D Arts. Always enjoy creating the world between 2D&3D, digital & physical.

Based in New York
Available in English/中文
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Tiffany M. Wu


Client/  National Building Museum
Location/  Washington D.C.
Role/  Visual Designer at Lab at Rockwell Group
Focus/  UIUX, Art Direction

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LAB at Rockwell Group: LAWN
LAWN: Fun Facts

Continuing the National Building Museum's tradition of Summer Block Party installations, we introduced Lawn in Summer 2019. Celebrating and exploring the public and private identities of a lawn as an iconic communal space for interaction and performance, we created a space to inspire people to share stories, make memories, and daydream.

The firefly chasing app where visitors can experience augmented reality.
Available in AppStore and Google Play as NBM Lawn

UI Styleframes