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We all are Gourmet’s Partner

Gourmet's Partner is a company specializing in exquisite fine cuisine and pastry industry, providing various product selections mainly from Europe, but also from USA, Canada, Australia and Japan with brand recognition and truly quality assurance.

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︎︎︎We all are Gourment’s Partner

Focus     Branding, Prints,  Motion

Client     聯馥食品股份有限公司
Industry       Digital Marketing

Location     Taipei, Taiwan

Photographer   Tzuyin Chiu

Selected Press

2020/08/02, Vouge - 聯馥食品攜手六大餐廳打造「We all are Gourmet’s Partner」餐會,在後疫情時代以合理價格享六國明星食材

2020/08/14, GQ - GQ 編輯試吃報告:聯馥食品聯手 Ephernité 帶領味蕾環遊法國

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